Meilleures expériences

Meilleures expériences clients

SuiteCommerce lets you create engaging eCommerce experiences for your customers that increase your brand value and improve customer perception.

You Decide Your Brand Experience Give your customers the experience that you desire for your brand. Improve customer acquisition and retention by focussing your inventory, customer and order data in the right direction.

Revamp Your Store Deliver a seamless online shopping experience to your customers and empower your sales associates with the right tools to better assist buyers on their online journey.

Unconstrained With responsive web design, your store looks optimized across multiple device selection ranging from laptops to tablets and smartphones. This allows you to serve only one platform on multiple devices all having optimized user experiences.

Customer centric

Centré sur le client

Une vue unique pour toutes les interactions client afin de vous permettre de fournir une expérience utilisateur multicanal cohérente, un marketing ciblé et un service client sur tous les terminaux.

Comprenez vos clients Offrez des expériences personnalisées à vos clients et améliorez leur acquisition et leur fidélisation en exploitant la vue transversale unique de tous vos clients.

Optimized Engagement Deliver ralevant and timely, data-driven digital marketing through a central communication hub, and strengthen customer relationships.

Increase Customer Lifetime Value Make each of your customer more valuable by capturing all the transactions and interactions to provide personalised user experiences that improve sales.

Order Management


Meet and exceed your customer expectations to complete the order or return cycle by utilizing a central order management window, with a single omni channel view of inventory and supply chain.

Quick Order Management Be aware of every order across the system and process orders more quickly by managing them from multiple channels—POS, web, call center, mobile, kiosks…all from one place.

Optimize Inventory Real-time visibility of your inventory to reduce excess inventory and capture lost sales, and put most profitable products on the forefront.

Better Inventory & Vendor Management Connect with the global network of supply and distribution channels to manage supply and stock levels, ensuring better inventory managent and shorter time-to-market.

Growth ready


Be ready to tap the global market by deploying stores for multiple business models, brands, countries, currencies and languages all from one unifies platform.

Tap Global Markets Deploy your store from a single platform but in multiple business models, brands, countries, currencies, tax rates and languages.

Multi-Store. Multi-Brand. Multilingual. Manage multiple store websites catered specifically to relate to the exact geographies in question all from a single framework.

B2B + B2C Create your own customized business model by combining Business-to-concumer (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B), all while lowering your investments.

Unified Framework


Cloud-based centralized infrastructore that unifies multiple business apps together and provides a unified order management, inventory management and allows you to create seamless, omnichannel experience for your customers.

Extensive eCommerce Unify eCommerce, inventory, POS, order management, marketing and customer service with one system that eliminates the need for multiple integrations.

Streamlined Online Retail Gain real-time visibility across your ecommerce business to make better informed decisions by integrating fragmented data into business insights.

Adapts To Your Business The clous-based solution provides your business with the best of eCommerce, ERP and CRM tools to reduce operational costs, increase business process efficiency, and deliver optimal engaging customer experiences.